Everything about Conch Hill Market is vintage, even the building. It's located on the former site of Casa Capó Muebles, the first furniture boutique opened by the Capó family in Miami in the '60s, prior to the grand opening of giant El Dorado Furniture. The same white, red, and blue marquee that once illuminated the way for those in search of bedposts and dining tables welcomes hoarders to this antiques gem. Inside, Remington typewriters, Pentak cameras, 1936 barstools, and 1944 Lady Carlyle ceramic teacups fill the 12,000-square-foot shop. Sandwiched somewhere between an AMI jukebox and pinball machine are ties and Tonka toy cars dating back to the 1950s, old spectacles and smoke pipes, and even a pair of Saks Fifth Avenue diamond-studded emerald shoes your grandmother used to wear. As you browse through thousands of years of items, you'll also stumble upon more recent, priceless finds, such as an 'N Sync-era Justin Timberlake plush bear and a male surfer mannequin holding a pig doll.

Location Details

968 SW 8th St.
Miami FL 33130


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