You say you like your wings spicy, but do you like them seven-sauces hot? Try your luck with the Filling Station's "party in your mouth" wings. They'll cut you down to size or make you a king among your wing-loving friends. For less adventuresome types who just want a taste of how amazing a chicken wing can be, try the spicy jerk barbecue. Those suckers are the most delectable chicken wings your taste buds will ever touch. The ranchaladas may be a close second, and those are only three of the six wing flavors the Filling Station offers. Each variety comes with eight wings, blue cheese, and celery or carrot sticks for $8.41. Back up your order with some out-of-this-world chili-cheese tater tots ($7.01) and a few cold brews, and you have yourself an unforgettable evening. Head to the downtown dive Wednesdays before 7 p.m. and take part in the weekly trivia night for a chance to win a "mystery box" and a free bar tab for you and your knowledgeable friends.

Location Details

95 SE 2nd St.
Miami FL 33131


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