You know you're at a legit mofongo joint when the signature Puerto Rican plantain dish is served on a platter with its wooden pilón, the same mortar and pestle used to mash the fried plátano verde. Located in the heart of the City of Progress, El Rinconcito de Santa Bárbara opened in 1997 as a Cuban restaurant. Two years later, it became a fusion of Cuban and Puerto Rican food after its owners, Rosa and Pedro Delgado, took a trip to Puerto Rico, were blown away by the island's cuisine, and decided to introduce comida boricua to their family-run restaurant in Hialeah. Today, El Rinconcito has become synonymous with the island's most famous plato. All of its house mofongo specials are topped with crunchy pieces of chicharrón and paired with a side of fried pork masas ($8.99), picadillo ($9.50), garlic chicken ($9.50), peppered fish ($10.50), or lobster tail ($25.99). They even come stuffed in a roll of churrasco ($15.50). No matter how you choose to enjoy it, you'll be dreaming of mofongo for days.

Location Details

2050 W. 56th St.
Hialeah FL 33016-2601


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