Best TV News Anchor (2014)

Trina Robinson

Perhaps you woke up every morning this winter and glanced out the window at the robin's-egg-blue skies, relished the mid-60s temperatures, and profusely thanked your preferred deity that you found a way to call South Florida home. But in case your personal comfort and sanity weren't reason enough to thank the Miami weather gods, they've given residents another invaluable gift: NBC 6 news anchor Trina Robinson. Robinson is as talented as they come, with a background in investigative reporting, anchoring, and meteorology; a pitch-perfect deep voice; and a charismatic on-air presence. But if it weren't for those sunny winter mornings, she'd probably be plying her trade up North somewhere. "Mostly the weather" keeps her in town, Robinson told New Times last year. "You can be outside every day; you don't have to worry about snow — I have a total aversion to snow." Robinson's reporting has garnered multiple Emmys, and she's been in front of several big news stories in recent years, including breaking pieces about a ring illegally injecting deadly silicone mixtures into transgender women. Crack open your windows, catch that sea breeze, and tune in to NBC 6. We're a lucky town.


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