For film worshippers, movie theaters are the temple where an escape to a higher plane begins. Usually, it's the cinema that transports viewers to endless faraway realms, but what if the theater itself also did some of the heavy lifting? Thanks to one Austin, Texas man determined to revive a forgotten art in Miami, that's exactly what a new mini drive-in theater does. The Blue Starlite Mini Urban Drive-In, which opened in summer 2013, became a darling of the Wynwood neighborhood. Don't expect to drive up and see the latest blockbuster, though, because the Blue Starlite plays only movies of yesteryear — "indie films, art house, cult, Gen X/Y, childhood favorites, and drive-in classics," to be exact. Expect to see classic films such as Casablanca, The Blob, The Princess Bride, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and perhaps the occasional movie released in the past decade. After only a few short months, the theater expanded to Virginia Key Beach, where moviegoers can enjoy classic flicks under the twinkling stars while cuddled up with their honeys on a sandy beach during fall and spring. And now the Blue Starlite has moved from Wynwood to a new location behind the Coconut Grove Playhouse, which is slated to open this July. The drive-in charges per car and per person in each car, but oftentimes you can get a deal for $30 that includes entry for one car slot, two people, and popcorn. Whether you go for the classic films or the outdoor ambiance, a trip to the drive-in is always a perfect way to spend a few hours away from the real world.

Location Details

7241 SW 168th St.
Palmetto Bay FL 33157


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