"I'm gonna pop some tags/Only got $20 in my pocket." Don't worry, it's not just Macklemore who doesn't have time for $800 Louboutins from Nordstrom, though you'd be forgiven to think otherwise in Miami. It's tough to live on the cheap in a city where construction contractors show up to work in Prada sneakers and Gucci belts and where produce sales reps make restaurant visits in Betsey Johnson skirts. Enter the thrift shop, where one man's trash is another man's come-up. Nowhere is that motto more a way of life than at the Recycled Closet, a consignment boutique fit for penny-pinchers who aren't looking to spend $50 for an Armani T-shirt. Like Macklemore: "I call that getting swindled and pimped/I call that getting ticked by a business/That shirt's hella, though." And at the Recycled Closet, in the Apollon Plaza just east of the Falls, you'll probably find the same shirt for $15. The store owner, Jennifer, is always incredibly helpful and welcoming. The clothes are organized by item type and color, so it's easy to get lost (in a good, definitely-gonna-find-a-bargain-today kind of way). You can find a denim shirt and kick it '90s-style for $4, or you can find that Betsey Johnson dress your produce sales rep has for $10. The "Dolla Holla" bins alone make the trip worth it. So head to the Recycled Closet before you ask Grandpa: "Can I have your hand-me-downs?"

Location Details

13843 S. Dixie Highway
Miami FL 33158


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