He is the self-anointed "Real King of Bling." And for the past several decades, AJ the Jeweler (born Anthony John Machado) has spent his early mornings, late days, and even later nights peddling the iciest custom pieces to South Florida's most recklessly flossy ballers, rappers, and miscellaneous millionaires. Now boasting a clientele of more than 300 athletes, entertainers, and public figures, he and his heir, Josh the Jeweler, continue to strive to maintain the top spot in the jewelry game. So on the regular, they wake at dawn, cruise out to their Cutler Bay stash house, load up a backpack with $2 million in merchandise, climb into a black Escalade driven by an armed bodyguard, and then zigzag all over the 305, 786, 754, 954, and 561 for meets with top-flight buyers such as LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Udonis Haslem, Floyd "Money" Mayweather, and clients on all 32 NFL teams. That's called a delivery day. And whether the next client needs a black-and-canary-diamond Dom Pérignon bottle pendant, a five-figure Rolex with a face to match its owner, or an iced-out $250,000 platinum necklace for grandmama's b-day, these hard-hustlin' jewelers gotcha. Because, as father and son shrug, "C'mon, we're AJ and Josh the Jewelers!"

Location Details

18901 S. Dixie Highway
Cutler Bay FL 33157


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