Most bridal boutiques won't admit it up front, but when it comes to designer gowns, they're all the same. Sure, one dress shop might carry different samples than another. And yes, if you're enamored of a particular designer, a shop that specializes in those brand-name dresses can help with details like color choice and sizing. But when you've decided on the perfect gown, no matter where you buy it, every bridal shop in America will order it from the same company, often in Europe, so far away that you're just another number instead of an excited bride buying the most expensive, most photographed item of clothing you'll ever own. Unless, that is, you have your wedding dress designed for you and you alone. That's where Lourdes Currie of Couture Bridal Miami comes in. Working out of her Surfside shop, just down the road from the designer fashion haven of Bal Harbour, Currie creates one-of-a-kind wedding dresses according to her clients' desires. Women who've been dreaming of their wedding their whole lives tend to have a very specific dress in mind; Currie makes those dreams a reality. It comes at a price, of course — custom-designed gowns start at $4,000. The shop also carries creations by top bridal designers for $2,000 to $10,000. But this is Miami, a town where locals spend more on quinces than people in other parts of the country spend on their weddings. After all, if you just want a pretty dress, you can go anywhere.

Location Details

9545 Harding Ave.
Surfside FL 33154


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