For some of us, the other six days of the week pass in a gray streak as we await Sunday. It is then that our otherwise colorless week is turned tomato red as we sit down to that most wonderful of libations — the bloody mary. After all, how many other cocktails can boast they are as fulfilling as a meal? A bloody can disappoint by being unoriginal, but the version at 660 at the Angler's Resort is fresh and vibrant. It begins with a house-made mix consisting of fresh tomato juice, a squeeze of lime, a touch of Tabasco, and a wisp of Worcestershire. From there, Finlandia vodka is added, black pepper is sprinkled, and the rim is kissed with a blend of spices. The first sip is soul-satisfying as the subtle spice provides an endorphin rush before the vodka works its mellowing magic. One bloody is $9, but why would you stop there when three are such a bahgain, dahling, at $14? Though available every day, the 660 bloody mary is best reserved for Sunday, if only to give us a reason to live through the workweek.

Location Details

660 Washington Ave.
Miami Beach FL 33139


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