Best Nightclub Renovation (2013)


The Opium Group has spent the past few months on a renovation spree worthy of its own HGTV show. First was Mansion, which received an impressive and much-needed face-lift that turned it into a 360-degree theater of debauchery. Then, earlier this year, the nightlife conglomerate announced that its ultra-lounge, Set, would be the next property to go under the knife. When it returned in time for Miami Music Week 2013, it had a fresh, new look, including a Zevs-inspired logo, that emphasized the nightclub's strongest attribute: VIP bottle service. Before you write it off as another elitist lounge, though, read on. Set was never really a dance club — there is no dance floor — and the awkward positioning of the DJ booth toward the front of the house was always a bit off-putting. But the redesign moved the booth toward the back and installed an impressive LED backdrop. Geometric designs jut from the walls, while graphic illustrations of half-naked women tower above the room. The new design gives the room a more "punk" feel without losing its opulence. The space also feels smaller, creating a more intimate bottle-service ambiance, which means unless you're seated at a table, you won't enjoy the full Set experience. For that, the Opium Group seems to be making no excuses. And unlike other South Beach megaclubs where table service and dance floors awkwardly coexist, the new Set is dead-set on providing a VIP experience like no other. Did it succeed? The large bill and subsequent hangover say yes.

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Location Details

320 Lincoln Rd.
Miami Beach FL 33139


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