The Duncanson family grows and then hand-cuts its own nongenetically modified, 100 percent organic-certified wheatgrass, sunflower greens, pea shoots, mung beans, chickpeas, legumes, barley grass, microgreens, and much more — all using an organic soil mix and desalinated sea water. They have been farming wheatgrass in Miami since 1989, and you can find their products at just about any spot in town that cares about real organic food (including Whole Foods and Athens Juice Bar in Miami Beach and the Juicery in Brickell Key). Even better, visitors are more than welcome at the immaculately clean indoor garden where the Duncansons grow their high-grade grasses. They'll probably offer you a free shot of wheatgrass to try, and then you can buy a pound for $14, juice it yourself, and become one with the Green Revolution.

Location Details

2950 NW 72nd Ave.
Miami FL 33122


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