Wanna scare the rabbit shit out of your leporiphobic nieces and nephews by dressing up like a six-foot-tall talking bunny named Sam who chuckles incessantly, screams for fun, and eats little kids instead of carrots? Go see the dress-up experts at Dixon Costumes, an enormous emporium of outlandish ensembles that's been in the business of renting full-body fur suits ($125) and vintage papier-mâché rodent heads ($60) to plush fetishists, Easter celebrants, and creepy uncles since 1926. Maybe, though, your sibling's children think bunnies are adorable and cuddly. In which case they might suffer from crippling coulrophobia, living in fear of pasty-faced psycho clowns named Checkers who smoke secondhand stogies, cough blood, and kill indiscriminately with a comically oversize pair of scissors. Well, Dixon still has you covered. Just pick up a red wig ($7.50), a pair of comically oversize plastic shoes ($16), a grotesquely bulbous nose ($1.50), some pancake makeup ($5), semirealistic gore ($1.50), a so-called Big Shot Cigar ($1.50), and a bag of faux murder tools. Now all you gotta do is get dressed, perfect your homicidal giggle, hide under the kiddies' bed, and wait.

Location Details

2400 NW 72nd Ave.
Miami FL 33152


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