Sal Corelli prides himself on being the best small-time scam artist around. He crashes weddings, bails after eating at hotel breakfast buffets, and so forth. But Sal recently pulled off what he refers to as his "biggest heist yet." It occurred at Lolita Cocina & Tequila Bar, located at the southernmost tip of South Beach. Lolita is a Mexican restaurant with "burlesque-inspired dining." Its red-velvet-embossed walls, gothic candelabras, and studded black leather couches bespeak a place that wants its guests to have fun. So as soon as Sal sat down, he was brought a complimentary bowl of grapefruit-mint granitas.

"Would you like a shot of tequila on top of that?" asked the waiter. "Make it a double," replied Sal. And that's what the server did. Soon, a basket of fresh corn chips, still warm from the fryer, was left on the table along with three zesty dips and a homemade mango-habanero hot sauce. He polished off everything quickly and was promptly brought refills — without even having to ask. After finishing the second basket, Sal confided to the waiter that he wasn't feeling so well. "Maybe a soft drink would help," Sal said. "I'll try a Coke." Normally he would have stuck with tap water, but while scoping out Lolita, he had noticed that a giant wad of cotton candy was presented with every bill. "I'm afraid I'm going to have to leave prematurely," he lamented after downing the Coke. "I'll take the check." Sure, he got away with lots to eat for little money, but most of Lolita's non-entrée items range from just $9 to $16 — and they're much tastier than you might expect from a restaurant that's ultimately about having a good time.

Location Details

100 Collins Ave.
Miami FL 33139


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