Best Restaurant, Coconut Grove (2012)

Peacock Garden Cafe

Like the plume of its eponymous bird, Peacock Garden Café boasts a patio of an almost shockingly bright, colorful fashion. This verdant tropical garden is located on the grounds settled by the Peacock family around 1870 in what became the Village of Coconut Grove. The lush green setting and historic locale make Peacock Garden Café something of a quintessential Grove restaurant — which is just what Lalo Durazo and Oscar del Rivero had in mind when designing the space. Durazo and del Rivero, the team behind the terrific Jaguar Ceviche and Talavera Cocina, this time turned their talents to "garden-inspired" cuisine — and came through once again. The menu includes a soup of the day ($6 Monday through Thursday, $8 Friday through Sunday), a few pastas ($14 to $17), and a great burger and other sandwiches, each accompanied by a choice of tomato salad, celeriac slaw, or skinny fries ($14 to $18). Main courses? Try baby-back ribs, pan-roasted chicken, seared salmon teriyaki, grilled filet mignon, or Black Angus New York steak. Except the steaks ($30 to $32), entrées run $18 to $24. There are beautiful and bountiful salads as well, including a deal called "The Grill and the Garden," where diners can select any grilled item from the menu (chicken, skirt steak, tuna, shrimp, salmon) and pair it with a salad of choice (Chinese, Greek, niçoise, caesar, or pear/blue cheese). The price for this special runs $16 to $30, depending upon the protein you choose. As you sit at Peacock on a sunny day, perhaps while sipping prosecco, you will surely feel a renewed appreciation for serene Coconut Grove.

Location Details

2889 McFarlane Rd.
Miami FL 33133


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