Easily the largest outpost of the local mini-empire, Finnegan's River doesn't resemble sister locations Finnegan's Too and Finnegan's Way or any other sports bar we've visited. The draw here isn't the game but the massive patio, which boasts 400 feet of Miami River frontage and one of the most dynamic views of downtown you can get without condo access. Yet rare is the night that ample seating isn't available at the patio's four-sided central bar (which easily seats 50-plus) or that there's anyone occupying its attractive heated pool. The beer, liquor, and food are solid, and you're virtually guaranteed spectacular views, quick refills of that pint, and your own public yet oddly private pool party. Come at dusk, when police boats and commercial trawlers head home and the Miami Tower's hues illuminate the horizon. You'll imagine melodramatic Jan Hammer synthesizers scoring your own personal episode of Miami Vice.

Location Details

401 SW 3rd Ave.
Miami FL 33130


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