There are five different ways to get your cubano at Sarussi Café & Restaurant, which has been serving a unique variation on the classic sandwich for five decades on Calle Ocho at 68th Avenue in West Miami. Try its "El Original" eight- or 16-inch ($5.93 or $11.87). The institution's trademark sandwich comes with the usual sliced ham, roast pork, and pickles, but instead of Swiss cheese and mustard, El Original is made with mozzarella and a tangy red "secret sauce." One more thing adds to its unique flavor: Rather than getting cooked on a grill, the sandwich goes into a pizza oven, the legacy of the place's original incarnation as an Italian restaurant. For snackers and novices, there's a $2.75 mini-cubano, a bite-size version with all the aforementioned key ingredients. And for the superhuman food warrior, there's the "Man v. Food Original." Named for the Adam Richman-hosted Travel Channel show, which visited Sarussi in 2010, this behemoth (served in eight- and 16-inch lengths for $12.10 and $22) comes with double the ham, double the baked pork, double the pickles, and double the cheese. If you finish the 16-incher — which comes graciously sliced into fourths — on the spot, you'll score a place on the prominent wall of fame above the luncheonette counter.

Location Details

6795 SW 8th St.
Miami FL 33144


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