GableStage's The Brothers Size, a play about three men dealing with their past and struggling to grasp their future, featured extraordinary performances by its three stars. But it was the textured, nuanced performance from Teo Castellanos as the enigmatic Elegba that imbued the production with understated power. Castellanos's portrayal was a surreptitious and seductive one. Moving languidly across the stripped-down, darkened stage with cat-like stealth, the actor brought a tortured yet furtive anguish to a complex and haunted character. With a perfect blend of charisma, vulnerability, and honesty, Castellanos made Elegba a sympathetic and tragic figure, taking the play's shady protagonist and making him wholly likable. In an all-around masterful showing from an actor who knows how to play in the shadows, Castellanos proved once again he is South Florida's premier actor's actor.

Location Details

1200 Anastasia Ave.
Coral Gables FL 33134


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