Best Pop-Up Event (2012)

Live Young, Skate On!

What elevates a random gathering of people to "pop-up event" status? In the case of Live Young, Skate On!, it was a couple of things: Live entertainment, celebrity appearances, and a world record to break. Evian invited all Miamians to converge on Collins Park this past April 7 for a pop-up roller-skating party, complete with free skates, backpacks, and freaky T-shirts designed to make participants look like their heads were attached to the bodies of infants. Folks from all walks of life signed up, from wobbly-legged skating beginners to the Roll Crew team, whose members showed off with handstands and other crazy tricks on wheels. A DJ spun '80s hits, and the CoolHaus ice-cream truck served frozen treats. Actress Gabrielle Union even made an appearance, joining a roller skate conga line. Union's participation alone certainly made Live Young, Skate On! the pop-up event of the year for at least one attendee (the guy who got to skate behind her with his hands on her hips, naturally). But the rest of the participants had an awesome time too. Amid the retro fun of roller skating, watching Roll Crew's stunts, and taking goofy pictures in the free photo booth, they set a record for world's longest roller-skating conga line — verified by on-site RecordSetter officials to be 197 people — making Live Young, Skate On! a pop-up event that will go down in history.


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