At the end of every lunar month (approximately 29.53 days), a beautiful downtown Miami mansion was overrun by hard-core Earth fanatics, semi-ironic hippies, and amateur astrology enthusiasts who came to worship that bright, white rock in the sky by flipping tarot cards, syncing menstrual cycles, peddling homemade holistic anklets, instigating furious drum circles, and dancing barefoot till Mother Moon revealed the secrets of the universe. Yes, it was a full-moon party. And until recently, it went down at Villa 221, a palatial 8,500-square-foot nightlife compound within drunken-stumbling distance of the Burger King and Checkers on Biscayne Boulevard at NE 17th Street. Of course, a Villa party isn't always about barefoot worshipers passed out on comfy circular sofas and making out in the moonlight. The recently restored 1920s Spanish-style estate also caters to scuzzy SoFla scenesters, international EDM jet-setters, and entertainment industry pros by hosting local record releases, marathon 16-hour raves during Winter Music Conference and Miami Music Week, and even New Times' own Artopia bash this year. The Villa is the exceedingly rare place where lunar-deity devotees, long-haired hipsters, ecstatic fist-pumpers, alt-weekly writers-for-hire, and even Mother Moon herself can party together in perfect harmony.

Location Details

221 NE 17th St.
Miami FL 33132


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