Can you name 32 varieties of avocado, 39 types of mango, and six different sapodillas? Heck, do you even know what a sapodilla is? The folks at Pine Island Nursery do, and after being in business for 35 years, they are not only knowledgeable enough to tell you all about each, but also savvy enough to send you home with your very own tropical fruit tree, starting at just $30. Find everything from abiu to white sapote — 70 products in all — at the 50-acre nursery, open year-round. With Pine Island's help, condo commandos can become fig farmers lickety-split, and single-family-homeowners can grow a garden of fruit salad ingredients that would make Martha Stewart jealous. The nursery's website even dispenses helpful advice, such as which variety of dragon fruit is best for garnishing a cocktail. Yep, this is our kind of nursery.

Location Details

16300 SW 184th St.
Perrine FL 33187


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