Best Place to Get a Makeover (2011)

Terribly Girly

OK, fine. Hello Kitty, appletinis, maxi pads, Lifetime movies, and wallpapering your home in Cathy comic strips are all things that are gag-worthy femme. But what if a gal wants to knock it down a notch and just be terribly girly? Well, Wynwood's Terribly Girly, a funky little photography studio that looks like a colorful mess of cool-chick chic, will support that desire like a great strapless bra. That's because the all-pussy-processing posse at TG specializes in pin-up portraits that will transform you from a Hialeah hottie into a straight-up boudoir bombshell. Start with a vintage makeover by a glam squad that consists of a makeup artist extraordinaire, a stylist who moonlights as a burlesque costume designer and performer (Aurora Natrix of Shameless Burlesque), and a hair sculptress who will finger-wave you into one fabulous female. Then end with a photography session with tattooed cutie, owner, and de facto leader Janette Valentine, who will snap and edit photos that are sure to flaunt your natural beauty. Or, at the very least, serve as some bad-ass profile pictures for your account.


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