Sure, Victoria's Armoire on Ponce is nice, but insiders know to walk straight past, across the alley, and through the doors of an unmarked entrance for more interior and outdoor pieces, especially because this location has an adjoining sale room. This monster showroom holds about ten times the amount of merch as the main space, plus there's a discounted area that contains amazing treasures. You'll find many natural-wood tables, chairs, bedroom sets, bookcases, and such, along with woven seating, giant framed mirrors, and cool artifacts. Some are scratch-and-dent, but most are just discontinued items they want to pull out of rotation. We once picked up a copy of a Jonathan Adler urchin vase for a dollar there. (The original sold for more than $50.) If you fall in love with something broken or slightly off, the in-house carpenter can fix it or refinish it for you. See? Deals can be had in the Gables.

Location Details

3075 SW 39th Ave.
Coral Gables FL 33146


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