Miami is all about appearances. So when faced with the decision to (A) drive your 1989 Volvo to the club, (B) hail a taxi, or (C) rent a fully loaded stretch Escalade, you probably pick the last. That's because getting into a South Beach club is hard enough without the right connections, but pulling up to the joint in a fancy, chauffeured whip means you're probably important — either a celebrity or someone with a bunch of disposable income ready to burn Benjamins inside VIP without a worry in the world. Renting a limo is not only awesome but also practical, because nobody wants a DUI. Carefree Lifestyle understands and would much rather you drink and be driven than drink and drive. However, what really sets Carefree apart is that it also rents yachts, aircraft, and mansions. So if you want to take your party on the high seas, there's a 70-foot Azimut yacht ready to get wet and wild, or a 192-foot Islander complete with personal watercraft, scuba gear, kayaks — you name it — to enjoy.

Location Details

1031 5th St.
Miami Beach FL 33139


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