Whether you smoke rapper weed from mediCali, downtown brown bags, saguesera hydros, or superphonik krypto is not important. The point is, you're stoned, you're bored, and you're looking for something to do — preferably free, and with munchies and cold drinks available. You might have been to a casino before, but Magic City is different. For one, it's located smack in the center of the city of Miami, which anybody here on vacation will tell you actually increases your high by as much as 37 percent. Catch the chauffeured golf cart (whoa, I feel like I'm flying) from the parking lot to the front door, show the off-duty cop your ID, and head up the escalator. The rugs are trippy as hell, there are blinking colored lights everywhere, and more bells and whistles than you can throw your life savings at. Now, a crucial aspect to this adventure is not going there with the intent to gamble. Losing your rent check, kid's dental payment, or food money will totally blow your high. Trust us. There's still plenty of entertainment for the discerning burnout. When the dogs aren't running, the place throws big-name classic concerts (America, War, Rey Ruiz) in the amphitheater. The casino bar overlooks the action on the floor, and Secada's serves up a mean $12 lemon drop martini. Grab a $2 Bud (the beer kind, dummy) for happy hour Monday through Thursday from 6 to 8 p.m. and wander around the place. Gamblers are funny to watch, so the laughs are easy here. And the employees are friendly and courteous. When they catch you staring off into space for ten minutes without moving, just tell them you're looking for pizza. They'll point you in the right direction, and a slice is just $2.50. If you're really hungry, there's a seafood buffet for $16 every Friday from 6 to 11 p.m. And if you hit a lick, it's like they're paying you to be there. But anybody who thinks he's going to beat the house must have his head in the clouds.

Location Details

450 NW 37th Ave.
Miami FL 33125


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