You're probably wondering what business an alt-weekly like New Times has setting foot in a fancy golf resort. Don't let appearances fool you — we're a classy bunch and love nothing more than 18 holes on a warm spring day. However, we're amateur at best and need all the help we can get. Twenty bucks at Doral gets you unlimited range balls, access to its putting surface, and the opportunity to work on your short game. It's a world-renowned facility as well as home of the WGC-Cadillac Championship and the Jim McLean Golf School. Don't feel like carrying a bucket of balls to your practice tee? No worries — the balls are already set up for you. Plus they're Callaway balls. Not to condone petty larceny, but they come in handy when your golf bag's ball pouch feels a little light. Oh, c'mon, your bags are probably filled with range balls. Don't judge.

Location Details

4400 NW 87th Ave.
Doral FL 33178


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