Colombians excel at making a food item considered all-American: the hot dog. La Moon's downtown location is a neighborhood place open till the wee hours. It has quite a following of partygoers, hungry people, and others who swear by the specialty. These powerful dogs regularly turn vegetarians into ravenous, flesh-eating beasts. Sure, Nathan's are delicious, but these guys come topped with love (or so it seems when you're wolfing them down at 3 a.m.). There are a few kinds available for sale, including the "Supermoon," which is garnished with a quail egg, chorizo, bacon, cheese, sauces, and potato chips. The simpler "perro Colombiano" takes the dog cake. This taut sausage is smothered in the most delightful sauces — five to be exact — that crisscross carefully over the chow. You probably won't need more than one, because each is a solid meal unto itself.

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97 SW 8th St.
Miami FL 33130


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