Although falafel has evolved into a classic and often-craved street food — much like hot dogs or pizza —the chickpea fritters are traditionally served as part of the meze or small plates in Mediterranean cuisine. But we're guessing your latest exposure to the Hellenic Republic was watching Russell Brand and Jonah Hill binge-drink and vomit their way through Get Him to the Greek. We place no blame. Miami isn't exactly overflowing with Greek culture (except maybe the country's licorice-flavored boozahol, ouzo). That why it's surprising to find that one of the town's best-kept foodie secrets is an unassuming taverna on the Little River called Anise. Nestled between a gas station and a rundown apartment complex, and across the street from a Wendy's (are we selling it yet?), this Greek taverna produces our city's tastiest falafel. You get five of these morsels for $8. Instead of being wrapped in flatbread and piled with pickled veggies and hot sauce, Anise's falafels are delicately plated with a yogurt-tahini sauce — in other words, you actually get to taste the Greek croquettes and not just the spicy fixings. Although you might be tempted to order multiple servings, save room for the taverna's larger plates such as moussaka ($18) and lamb shank ($19). Almost every dish here is delicious, but we'll always remember our first mouthful at Anise: the supple, fried goodness of its falafel.

Location Details

620 NE 78th St.
Miami FL 33138


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