Best Expensive Italian Restaurant (2011)


Listen, we Miami gals aren't interested in your dumb let's-hit-a-pizza-stand-and-eat-dinner-on-the-curb idea. We didn't spend a few thou on these Cavalli dresses and snakeskin Louboutins to be dining like the help. Take us to Cioppino if you really want to impress us. How 'bout we start with the burrata ($20) and then maybe a calamari steak ($36)? Or maybe the organic chicken entrée ($40) will be easier for you to digest. Craving some pasta? Us too. The foiade, pappardelle, and gnocchi are only $24, but let's go for the risotto with shrimp and saffron ($28). You do know quality saffron can cost about $80 an ounce, right? But that's not enough food for us, honey, so let's keep ordering. Hmm. How about the signature dish ($38) or the osso buco? It's only $45. Wine? Of course! And we'll have to celebrate our union with some champagne. Shall we have them pop a cork of Dom rosé, or do we go for the Krug? All of these decisions are making us dizzy, darling. Perhaps you should get that AmEx Centurion card out, 'cause this meal is gonna cost you, and we have to go powder my nose. Don't balk at the bill, Daddy. We'll make it up to you after dessert.

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Location Details

455 Grand Bay Dr.
Key Biscayne FL 33149


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