Ceviche, once a fabled dish of raw fish macerated in juices from an exotic, foreign land known as Peru, is now almost as common in Miami as chicken fingers. But only a few restaurants make it well, and few do it better than CVI.CHE 105 in downtown Miami. The moment you step in, you understand this place is meant to be a bright, boisterous destination. It buzzes with energy, and on any given night, you'll find a packed house with servers whizzing from corner to corner. Take a seat and grab a handful of corn kernels; then decide on one of the namesake dishes. The "red and white" ceviche ($12.95) is an homage to the Peruvian flag and chef Juan Chipoco's father, who hails from that country. The creamy pisco ceviche (12.95) adds the popular South American spirit to the mix, and after that boozy treat, you might end up diving into the "seafood orgy" ceviche ($13.95). Swimming in leche de tigre, or tiger's milk, it is known for being extra-spicy, creamy, and empowering Charlie Sheen to warlock status.

Location Details

105 NE 3rd Ave.
Miami FL 33132


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