Goldrush boasts certain intangibles that hoist it head and shoulders (and other body parts) above any other VIP room in town. All right, technically the club has 32 VIP rooms. Plus a few champagne rooms. But same difference. Almost. So what makes Goldrush's VIP rooms so special? Well, nursing students, paralegals, and all manner of other women with respectable and perhaps totally fabricated daytime professions grinding their perhaps fabricated endowments against you for a nominal, prenegotiated donation. Which we suppose is really quite tangible after all. Besides, what other VIP room stays open 24 hours a day (except Monday and Tuesday, till 5 a.m.) to cater to the pervy whims that arise after a long night of imbibing?

Location Details

29 NE 11th St.
Miami FL 33136


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