Best Radio Station (2011)

Street Connect Radio

Drive time on I-95 sucks. And it's not just the rush-hour gridlock, the waves of noxious exhaust seeping into your Escalade's climate-controlled interior, or the fact that all these road-raging assholes won't stop blasting their horns every 15 seconds. It's the radio too. C'mon, just scan the airwaves and try to find anything other than reruns of the same old Top 40 crap. It's a dead-end mission. You could be cranking that dial for days, unless you're lucky enough to be stalled someplace within broadcast range of DJ Meat, 107.1 FM, and the rest of the Street Connect crew. Now, this is a pirate rap radio station, blasting unauthorized transmissions across Miami-Dade County in defiance of the Federal Communications Commission. So you're gonna hear hard, expletive-laced versions of the hottest tracks from Carol City's Rick Ross to the Opa-locka Goon (AKA Brisco), Deerfield Beach's Ace Hood, Liberty City's Iceberg, and North Miami's Billy Blue. It's the way this click-clack was meant to hit your ears — uncensored, raw, and 1,000 percent street, motherfucker.


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