Best Band You've Never Heard Of (2011)

Little Beard

There is something satisfying about feeling like you know something that has eluded others. We'll let you in on a little secret: A band called Little Beard has been playing all over Miami since around late 2008. It consists of Michael Lee on guitar/vocals, Sarah Attias on vocals/keyboards, Edwin Beauchamp on bass, and Mario Fabregas on drums. Together they create a lo-fi sound that is surprisingly rich and textured. We cannot fathom why they haven't been scooped up by a major indie label. They are Pitchfork-ready without being hackneyed. They transcend the dreaded Hipster Runoff-coined genre known as chillwave. They are just, well, fucking adorable. From the cutesy name to the enchanting songs, Little Beard has a big sound. It isn't difficult to catch them live, because they regularly play around the 14th Street corridor, including the Vagabond, Eve, and Bar. Or check out their self-titled, four-track EP at


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