So you want to impress your friends back in Cleveland by showing them you roll like T-Pain and bang mermaids. Well, the only way to bag half-human/half-fish babes is to bounce in a sea vessel with some serious horsepower. Whether you need an eight-passenger 20-footer for cruising Biscayne Bay, want to take an excursion to Key West in a 37-foot sea cruiser with a tuna tower, or just wish to jet ski for a couple of hours, American WaterSports has the vessel for you. Eight types of crafts for rent by the hour or half and full days are conveniently docked at Monty's Marina in Coconut Grove, home to one of Miami's most popular watering holes and seafood grills. The staff is pleasant, knowledgeable, and always ready to answer any questions about your maritime adventure. If you're a local, we recommend signing up for an annual membership for good discounts on rentals. Memberships range from the six-month $800 "Get Your Feet Wet" plan to the annual $5,700 "Seasoned Speaker."

Location Details

2550 S. Bayshore Dr.
Coconut Grove FL 33133


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