Best Sportscaster (2010)

Randy Moller

"McCay back to Baumeister, over to the far side, Frolik takes a feed from Baumeister, he fires, he scores! L.A. face with an Oakland booty!" So goes just one of a myriad hilariously classic calls from Florida Panthers radio play-by-play announcer Randy Moller after every Panthers goal. A former first-round NHL draft pick of the Quebec Nordiques, Moller finished his playing career with the Panthers in 1995 before landing in the booth as their radio color analyst. When 790 the Ticket named him feature play-by-play man, Moller blew up the radio waves, peppering every Panthers goal with pop-culture references from movies such as Wedding Crashers ("He scores! Ma! The meat loaf!") and Austin Powers ("Score! Get in my belly!") to classics such as Jaws ("Score! We're gonna need a bigger boat!") and Animal House ("He shoots, he scores! Do you mind if we dance wif yo dates!"). Moller has also taken to quoting the likes of Christian Bale ("He scores! Oh, good for you!") and Tracy Morgan ("He scores! And I draw ding-dongs on people!") after every goal. The next time you watch a Panthers game, do yourself a favor: Turn down the volume on the tube and turn on Moller's broadcast. It's pure fun, as sports should be. And in an industry that features the same old, cliché-ridden, stodgy game-callers, Moller has solidified Panthers games as must-listen radio during the NHL season.


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