Best Solution to the Last-Call Debate (2010)

Staggered closing times

Recently, the idea of moving up the last-call time in clubland has gathered steam. But we don't think the draconian measure is a good way to dampen the spirits. Move the time up to 3 a.m., and tons of patrons will cozy up to the bar for a last-hurrah booze binge beginning at 2:30. Then they'll end up out in the street at the same time, only earlier, fighting for cabs or, worse yet, climbing behind the wheel. But if city officials have to do something to score political points, here's a case we'd like to make: Exhibit 1: Great Britain recently introduced 24-hour liquor licenses and has seen violent crimes involving alcohol actually fall 21 percent. Exhibit 2: Seattle is contemplating doing away with its 2 a.m. last call in favor of later, staggered closing times. We like that second option. Cops can concentrate on different club areas as they let out, and people who need cabs will find them more easily. Is that a last call we hear?


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