Best Place to Meet Single Women (2010)

Dharma Studio

Many single females in this town tend to think they're better, smarter, and more worthy than any single male. So gawking from the opposite side of a bar or spitting out slick lines poolside might not get the average prowling male very far. Not to mention that ladies often travel in packs, so guys must first penetrate the often jaded BFF posse before getting to their lady of interest. So why not approach a woman when she is alone, calm, and in tune with her inner-single self? At Coconut Grove's new yoga locale, Dharma Studio, start with the Gentle Stretchy Yoga class if you're a beginner, or the Vinyasa Yoga class if you're feeling brave and limber. Bring your own mat, or rent one there, and unroll it right next to the gal who catches your eye or can hold the lotus position longest. Owners Natalie Morales and Loree Shrager opened the Zen spot in January, and members say it is quickly becoming the Grove's go-to studio for South Miami, female yogis of all ages and types. Classes are small, usually no more than 20 people and sometimes under five, optimal for practicing your yoga breathing — or your game. The quaint one-room studio exudes peace, from walls accented with paintings of Buddha to soothing, lingering aromas of incense. A single drop-in class costs about $15, the price of a drink on the Beach, and the yoga studio is on the same street as some of the Grove's most popular eateries and bars — just in case class goes well. Oh, and the female-to-male ratio is 75 to 25, so go forth and namaste.

Location Details

3170 Commodore Plaza
Coconut Grove FL 33133


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