Best Place to Meet Intelligent Men (2010)

University of Wynwood

Let's be honest: The truly genius guys are stuck inside their homes after failing to figure out how to unlock the front door. What you're looking for is one notch below, a man who's as comfortable discussing the latest Jonathan Lethem novel as he is changing a tire. We can't believe you haven't considered looking here yet, but may we suggest the University of Wynwood? Its student union, courtyard, and — heck — even parking lots are teeming with intellectuals. Young students laze about on the school's lawns, Proust's Remembrance of Things Past in hand, as distinguished elbow-patched faculty members roam the sidewalks, mulling over string theory. These guys are ready and willing to hear all about your master's thesis on German silent film director F. W. Murnau over Glenfiddich single-malt Scotch or an icy frappuccino. Naw, just foolin'. Although it does have a women's jai alai team, the University of Wynwood doesn't exist in a brick-and-mortar sense. However, its spoken- and written-word events in Miami's galleries and bars do attract the local hipster literati. Those with burly beards, geek glasses, and impractical graduate degrees flock to UW poetry readings en masse. Just bring a net and a copy of The Believer.

Location Details

2200 NW 2nd Ave.
Miami FL 33127


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