Best Local Blog (2010)

South Florida Daily Blog

Sometimes the information superhighway needs a roadmap, and the South Florida Daily Blog is just that, pinpointing all the best posts Miami's blogosphere has to offer, while adding its own info into the mix. Run by the semi-anonymous Rick, the frequently updated blog is the biggest cheerleader of other local bloggers, offering twice-daily highlights of their work as well as awards for best posts of the week and month. Of course, SFDB isn't just the cyber equivalent of a den mother handing out gold stars so everyone feels good about themselves. Like all the best bloggers, Rick has a strong point of view and a bit of bite, never shying away from controversy with other bloggers. Just ask Babalu or Carlos Miller. Rick's political posts, usually of the leftist persuasion, might not be for everyone, but his highlight of local weird news and other Internet LOLs certainly are.


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