Best AM Radio Personality (2010)

Jorge Sedano

Jorge Sedano is a loudmouthed Miami Cuban (we know that's redundant) with a morning sports/talk radio show on 790 AM. He and his crew come from the Dan Le Batard school of broadcasting, where pop-culture side talk is just as important to the show as the sports talk they feature. Sedano deals heavily in obscure movie and TV references, rap music, and offbeat interviews. He has talked American conspiracies with Minnesota wackjob Jesse Ventura, pissed off the U with Cocaine Cowboys producer Billy Corben, and let athletes play with Miami legend Uncle Luke. He has also interviewed Carlton from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Topanga from Boy Meets World, and Alyssa Milano. So when we say Sedano's show proudly features Q&As with some of the most recognizable stars of the '80s, we also mean Hammer, Ernie Hudson, and Chuck Norris. But sports are king, and Sedano talks about them 24-7 not only on the radio but also on Facebook, Twitter, his show blog, podcasts, and videos. He was even featured by the BBC on Tim Westwood's show explaining a Miami Super Bowl to the entire UK. He also features comics, and the day he interviewed Lisa Lampanelli, he ended with, "That was one big curse fest and one big sexual orgy on AM radio." Keep up the good work, Sedano.


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