Best Refusal to Follow the Herd (2010)

Red the Steakhouse

It has become somewhat common for fine-dining restaurants to serve traditionally low-end comfort foods such as pizza and chicken wings — at fine-dining prices. But you won't find them at Red the Steakhouse. Why wouldn't chef Peter Vauthy finally quiet the chorus of customers who've been requesting burgers? Why wouldn't owner Brad Friedlander insist the high-profit item be part of the bill of fare (both here and in the original Cleveland branch)? "I have a hard time justifying putting a hamburger on the menu for $30 or whatever the price point might be," Vauthy explains. Plus he just doesn't think it belongs in Red's fine-dining format. Period. In other words, their refusal to join the herd of haute establishments is based on principle. Superior steaks, an award-winning wine list, and a stunning dining room are reasons enough to frequent Red. Still, it's nice to know there's integrity behind the stellar dining experience.

Location Details

119 Washington Ave.
Miami Beach FL 33139


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