Best Gay Bar/Miami Beach (2010)

Mova Lounge

If Mova were an ad in the men-for-men section of Craigslist, it would read, "Young, Sean Cody type casually seeking late night of carousing and heavy petting." At the lounge, just off Lincoln Road, the crowd that revolves around the oval-shaped bar skews young. The place has slowed the exodus of young gays to Fort Lauderdale. Mova stands apart from the decades-old haunts catering to crowds that still remember the decadent foam parties of the '90s. It's classy, wholesome, and as beautifully lit as a Zac Efron musical. The only leather you're likely to see here is on the upholstered love seats. Even the drinks are twinky: They're named things like "elderflower fizz," "treetini," and "açaí breeze." On Wednesday, college night, vodka cocktails are $3 all night long. Served by strapping bartenders as pretty as the Jonas Brothers, these cocktails are deceptively light. And the fizz ($15) is the kind of libation that loosens things up. Plus from 3 to 9 p.m. daily, all drinks are half-off. But the best thing about Mova is that it's located right in front of the Frieze, the 24-hour ice-cream shop where you can drown your sorrows in food if you haven't hooked up with anyone by the end of the night.

Location Details

1625 Michigan Ave.
Miami Beach FL 33139


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