Best Place to Buy Sex Toys (2009)


Unlike the adult outposts of old, Playthings isn't some sleazy shack marked with a big, red triple X. Located across the street from Bird Bowl, this locally owned sex shop blends seamlessly into the family-oriented strip mall. And once inside, you shouldn't be surprised to find yourself browsing $20 PVC underwear alongside a young mother and her screaming toddler. However, don't assume that friendliness precludes freakiness: The huge main room features a massive selection of masturbatory devices. There's the silicone true-skin Mini Tongue ($74.99) and the Dream Maker Lunar vibrator ($149.99), with its super-thick, knobby shaft. There's also a connoisseur's corner of flogging devices, including plastic paddles and braided horse crops ($9.99). But take note: The truly hard-core stuff is stashed in a backroom bunker. There you'll find a stockpile of $40 DVD and Blu-ray porn, from Bettie Page to the entire Bang Bros catalogue. Plus, it's where Playthings hides its biggest toys, such as the legendary 12-inch John Holmes cock, the Boston penis enlargement pump, and lifelike asses. Weird but awesome.

Location Details

9250 Bird Rd.
Miami FL 33165


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