Take one: A teenage boy pursues his masochistic piano teacher (The Piano Teacher). Take two: A dying Spanish fisherman fights to legalize euthanasia (The Sea Inside). Take three: A child sells himself on the streets of Brazil (Pixote). Doesn't sound like the plot of Hollywood's latest blockbuster? That's because they're all foreign-made films stocked at Lion Video, where 80,000 of the world's most brilliant and obscure movies are categorized according to country. Shot on seven continents, films are offered with both Spanish and English subtitles in a multitude of genres including documentary, comedy, gay/lesbian, and American independent. Some are imported and converted to multiregion DVD, making even the hardest-to-find niche films accessible. For lovers of the local scene, Lion also carries the widest selection in the county from the Miami International Film Festival. It's $4 for a five-day rental, and every fourth video is free. And that's a wrap.

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1524 Ponce De Leon Blvd.
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