Best Sportscaster (2009)

Kim Bokamper

Spectate and study as much as you like, but only a player truly knows the game. And Kim Bokamper — former first-round NFL draft pick, Dolphins linebacker from 1977 to 1985, and Pro Bowler — is a man with a surplus of on-field experience. So it was simple logic that led him, following retirement, to step into a new life as a talking head. But where many ex-athletes flounder, Bokamper has consistently translated his deep understanding of pro sports into quality airtime. Throughout the '90s, he put in time as a radio host, Dolphins pre- and post-game personality, and Channel 33 football analyst before finally graduating to local TV news. Now, reporting five days a week for CBS4 in addition to anchoring the station's Sunday Night Sports Wrap, Bokamper continues to demonstrate the kind of niche knowledge, curiosity, and range that's needed to go one-on-one with Tony Sparano, talk mixed martial arts, or honor Dan Marino's late father. Plus, if all of that's not enough proof, KimBo also has the expert testimony of Don King: "You the greatest sportscaster in the world!"


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