Best Local Website (2009)

Talk Nightlife

With the city's constant influx and departure of nightclubs and promoters, it's difficult to keep up with the fast-paced scene. In comes Talk Nightlife, which broke off from rival CoolJunkie when former site partner Ryan Porter and forum moderator Dan Vidal joined forces. Though Talk Nightlife's guide can tell you where to go any given night, the forums are what keep this site interesting. In them, you'll find a community of South Florida night owls spilling the secrets that nightclubs would rather keep. Vidal and Porter, who post as "pod" and "techjunkie," respectively, give users free will to dish on everything from Louis Puig's company emails to Opium Group's code violations. It's these "super-enthusiasts," as Vidal likes to call them, who fuel the site's juicy content and keep readers coming back for more.


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