Best FM Radio Personality (2009)

DJ Laz

Yeah, y'all know him. He's Miami's ole-school pimp. The one with the limp. It's that Cuban-American chico, DJ Laz. The 37-year-old music producer and morning radio-show host has been representing the 305's signature booty bass sound since 1990, when it first busted out on the scene. Like the Miami Dolphins, DJ Laz is a venerable franchise, maintaining a steady level of success throughout his career, even if his Latin-infused 808-heavy tracks will never garner critical acclaim. He has also been a main fixture at Power 96 for the past two decades, from his days throwing it down on the turntables for rush-hour music mixes to his current gig hosting the radio station's morning show. But local superstardom hasn't gone to Lazaro Mendez's head. That's because he understands what it's like to overcome adversity. Laz was born with a disabling muscular disorder in his legs that required 17 surgeries. Every year, he hosts a marathon session in which he regularly raises more than $50,000 for Radio Lollipop, a nonprofit children's agency. This past January, he raised a separate $50,000 in just five hours to help a couple pay for the funeral services of their three children killed in a car accident. His ability to raise tens of thousands of dollars for charitable causes from his listeners is a testament to Laz's popularity and his adoration for the citizens of his hometown.


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