Have you reached the point where the only way you can afford beer better than Schlitz is to nab a Grolsch at the Wynwood art walk? Then art-walk yourself a little bit farther down NW 36th Street to The Beer Depot, a funny-looking shack that has the best selection of microbrews in town. The shop carries pretty much every decent beer that's peeped its head above the frozen grounds of distribution anywhere in Miami, and most bottles sell for about $1.50. On the more expensive side are Rogue's Dead Guy Ale, Dogfish Head's elusive 120 Minute IPA, and one of the Shipyard Brewery's fine Longfellow ales. The place is a bit disorganized (just make a price list already, please!), but the guys who run it are friendly and, hey, the way you're headed, you'll be drinking Lite soon. So mosey over to The Beer Depot, snag a six-pack, and go get trashed with a little dignity.

Location Details

203 Northwest 36th St.
Miami FL 33127


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