As we enter this little liquor store, we become mesmerized by the hundreds, if not thousands, of beautiful bottles on display. An entire wall of vodka takes up is the first aisle, where we grab our favorite: a liter of Ciroc ($42.99). Then we head over to the whiskey and bourbon aisle, where the fluorescent lights reflect off the myriad glass vessels. A 750-milliliter bottle of Gentleman Jack goes for $31.99. At the back of the store, we find the fridge. It's full of beer, energy drinks, and another fave: cold bottles of Hypnotiq ($13.99 each). We also come across those icy-cold little bottles of Alize for $13.99 apiece. And then we spot some fresh Phillies, not those dried-up pieces of crap that most liquor stores peddle. This shop is in Kendall, so these people know we need our blunts moist for our chronic. Cognac Phillies go for $1 each, so stock up. The location is in a nice little strip mall that also houses a Cuban bakery, a pizza place, and a convenience store. If you don't live in Kendall, take a drive through Miami's best burb, and be sure to stop at Demis.

Location Details

9893 N. Kendall Dr.
Palmetto Bay FL 33176


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