Best Full-Service Gasoline (2008)

Unico Service

Gas prices are killing you. Every time you think about how much you've spent filling and refilling that friggin' SUV, it makes your back hurt so much you can't move. And not long ago, while checking the oil, you tripped and sprained your ankle. And then the damn thing overheated because you didn't add water to the radiator. Well, the answer to your automotive prayers awaits in Little Haiti. It's full-service gasoline — just like it was back in the Sixties. Sure you'll pay a bit more at the Unico — full-serve regular cost $3.94 on a recent day, while self-serve was a mere $3.27. But every now and then, it's worth it. The efficient attendants will make sure your car is in running order (except the tires ... they're your problem). Your hands won't stink of gasoline. And the gentlemen are friendly too. Just say merci when they finish pumping.

Location Details

7553 NE 2nd Ave.
Miami FL 33138


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