Best TV News Reporter (2008)

Jeff Weinsier

Last October, investigative reporter Jeff Weinsier gave us some sublime television when he stood up to police and demanded his journalistic rights. A camera caught several cops bullying him off a public sidewalk outside Miami Central High School.

"You guys are totally wrong on this," he says on an unedited video on the Local 10 website, as cops escort him across the street. The reporter later says to the camera: "They're going to arrest me. You're going to get it on camera." Soon the plucky journalist heads back, thus provoking a fleshy, mustached cop.

"I am giving you a lawful order to get off the sidewalk," the officer yells in Weinsier's face.

"I'm not," he says calmly, before getting cuffed and locked up.

Police later found a loaded handgun on Weinsier.

A month later, all charges against him were dropped by the State Attorney's Office. Weinsier later filed suit against the Miami-Dade County school board and three school police officers. Go get 'em, Jeff. But next time you head to a school, try leaving the weapon at home.


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